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Bible Study Tips

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For modern day readers, the Bible can be a perplexing bit of literature with dated words and awkward metaphors. Reading the Bible can be a blessing, but you need to learn how to interpret the text properly by following the Bible study tips below!

*While reading the Bible, understand that mourning and lamenting are accepted practices. It shows feeling towards suffering and sin. In other words, not all Christian words are meant to be happy or comforting.

*When reading the you’s in the Bible, keep in mind they are meant to be plural. When the book was written, it was aimed at a body of believers as opposed to a single worshipper as is the case with modern Christianity.

*Instead of skipping over the Gospels because they’re difficult, learn to understand the idioms that were used by Christ himself. Many modern Christians start reading epistles simply because they’re easier to understand, but the words of Jesus are meant to be read by all.

*Many readers wrongfully interpret the words of the prophets as fortune-telling, but that’s not the case. The prophets were the ones solely responsible for helping the masses interpret what has happened historically and why God has allowed the events to take place. These sections of the Bible help explain the lessons taught to the people.

*You can magnify the clarity of the text in the Bible by knowing what type of literature you’re reading. For example, Ecclesiastes falls under poetry and wisdom, whereas, 1 Chronicles is considered historical.

It is our hope that these Bible study tips have allowed you to get a better sense as to how you can read religious text. Bear in mind, reading the Bible and understanding it is by no means easy, but it can be rewarding.

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